Aine Homer- The Baby Reflux Lady

So all bets are off and the verdict is in for The Baby Reflux Lady, Aine Homer, and her book “The Baby Reflux Lady’s Survival Guide”.

After 5 families, my own included, dived into the book hoping to get some help with our children’s reflux, I’m delighted to report that the book was a total success.

The advice was clear and concise and the book was easy for even the most exhausted reflux parent to navigate. Aine Homer has also taken the time to debunk common myths surrounding reflux and to spell out the most urgent “red flag reflux symptoms” (which contrary to what most of us have been told, include a lot more than failure to thrive!)

For all 5 of the Non-IgE Baby families, the book set each family on the correct course to effective treatment and or reflux management.

“I felt like I was just being bounced from pillar to post by disinterested GP after disinterested GP. It was like The Baby Reflux Lady knew more about my baby than them”. Nia and Isaac

“A life saver! I’m human again now we sleep!” Samantha and Claude

“Once we realised that all his symptoms were being caused by food, we were able stop the vomiting completely almost over night! It’s been a complete game changer and the best money I ever spent. Thank you, Baby Reflux Lady!” Marina and Mason

And as for my boy? He’s finally had an appointment with a specialist!

So, in case you’re still wondering if we would recommend the book? The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Xx Allergy Mama

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