Myth Busting- Silent Reflux

Fact or Fiction?- Your baby is gaining weight so they don’t have reflux or allergies.

Navigating your way around having a newborn isn’t easy. The haze of sleeplessness and the emotional intensity associated infants are a reality for every parent.

Gauging whether your baby is experiencing more difficulty than the average infant can be the hardest part of the battle, especially when myths and misinformation as so prevalent.

In this week’s myth buster, we’d like to tackle the myth that babies with reflux and allergies don’t gain weight. While there are certainly cases where this is true, a child’s weight does not an indicate whether they have reflux or allergies or not.

Image of Weighing scales

Image of scales by MakaMuki0 courtesy of Pixabay

The link below will take you to the story of Dexter who, like many babies, increased his feeding to cope with the discomfort of allergies and silent reflux. As part of the blog Ready Freddie Go! Mummy blogger Emma provides a captivating and honest insight into silent reflux.

And remember, reflux and infant allergies can happen to any of our babies. It is not your fault or your failing. And you’re not alone.

If you suspect your baby has reflux or allergies, don’t hesitate to talk to your health visitor or GP.

Xx Allergy Mama

For top tips on coping with the practicalities of uncontrolled reflux and allergies, don’t forget to check out ‘Sanity Savers- The Early Days’ and ‘Top Tips- Bedding’ on our blog.

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