Allergy Friendly Activities

The Wildlife Centre

No matter how long you’ve been doing it, whether you have one kid or four, choosing allergy friendly activities can be a challenge.

Even seemingly simple choices can be complicated by allergies! And the hour I spent on the phone yesterday checking the suitability of today’s trip to the Wildlife Centre was no exception.

Contrary to popular opinion, allergy issues aren’t just reserved for the dinner table. Today’s activity, feeding birds in a wildlife centre, is a perfect example of this.

Husband: Why are you phoning ahead for this? We’ll just take a picnic.

(All seeing all knowing, extremely wise) Mama: Well, it says you can feed the birds…

Husband: Uhhhm… Yes…?

Mama: And children who feed birds are likely to drop bird food… and sneak eat little tastes of bird food… and give other children passing by little handfuls of bird food… And what if the bird food has soya… or peanut… or…

Husband: Ok, yes, yes, good thinking.

So, the phone call was made. Fortunately, it turns out that children are given seeds to feed the birds at our local wildlife centre. Both of our children are ok with seeds and the expedition went ahead.

The trip was a roaring success and well worth the inconvenience of the phone call. Both of our toddling terrors loved feeding the birds, pond dipping, examining wildlife under the microscope and all manner of other wildlife activities. The eldest has finally recovered from her fear of owls (seriously, that was a thing!) and the youngest delighted in seeing a newt. No one succeeded in rolling in any bird poop and no one fell off any bridges (that definitely was not Dada trying to rescue a fallen dummy on a previous adventure).

And the highlight of the day? Aside from a room stuffed full of flamingos? The earlier phone call actually paid off in kind. The restaurant also made sure there was suitable food available for the most allergic of explorers. The pressure to eat a picnic in the cold was averted and Oliver enjoyed his first ever restaurant meal!

Xx Allergy Mama

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