Naughty or not?

Ok, so I appreciate that there’s a whole spectrum of potential behavioural problems. The signs of which all parents must be mindful. True behavioural issues are found in every sector of society regardless of your lifestyle, marital or economic status.

But that isn’t what I’d like to talk about today. What I would like to discuss, is the fine line between naturally inquisitive, age appropriate behaviour and a problem.

After overhearing the parent of one 2 year old speaking to the parent of another 2 year old today, the little cogs in my head started creaking.

I mean, let’s face it, I’m a bit of a recluse. I have two kids with allergies who don’t know that’s what they have yet. We don’t always manage to get out. Certainly not to where everyone else is going.

And then, if I’m honest, I don’t have a lot of time for listening to what one mother thinks of another. While the great debate about parenting and teaching styles interests me… Listening to the minutia of what one sleep deprived woman thinks of another doesn’t.

This little snipe, made in broad daylight, in a room full of people, for some reason did.

“Oooh isn’t it nice that your daughters’ behaviour has finally improved”. The tone was as tart as the face that delivered the remark. “And she’s listening to the instructions now.”

Intrigued, I started scanning the room for an older child. Perhaps there was a child with behavioural issues missing school until help had been put in place.

But much to my fascination, an energetic and healthy looking 2 year old bounced over to show her mother her latest find- a colourful ball to bounce.

Clearly, Tart Mama and I have different ideas about what a 2 year old should be doing!

In the world according to Allergy Mama-

1. Children aged 2 with the energy to run round, will run round. Whether you’re talking to them or not. Having seen my 2 year old in three different states of being: well, anaemic and in the throws of an allergic episode, I’m firmly of the opinion that 2 year olds are only sitting still because their body tells them they want to be. Certainly not because an adult running an activity has told them to be!

2. Children model behaviour. If a child has spent the majority of the their time watching a parent practising Olympic standard sitting… Well, that 2 year old may also have spent sufficient time sitting that their body genuinely has less strength for movement. Sitting still probably comes more naturally to these children.

3. If 2 year olds were meant to be good at sitting still and doing as they’re told, school would probably start at 1. It doesn’t. Because they aren’t. In fact, I thought an amount of natural rebellion was an important part of the terrible twos?

And finally, every child is different. They learn and grow and achieve at their own pace. If the art of social sitting is a milestone, I’m not worried that neither of my children are achieving it!

Xx Allergy Mama

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