Going Dairy Free- Which Milk?

Part 3- Oat Milk

Taking leave from your usual cows’ milk based food and drinks can be intimidating. The considerations extend beyond simply finding a beverage as delicious and versatile as the bovine booby juice. As a source of calcium, vitamin D and calories, milk consumption is about more than just flavour and habit.

In todays’ post, we’re going to take a look at oat milk.

With a good range available- organic, gluten free or even barista format, you won’t have any trouble finding an oat milk to suit your needs.

Across the range, the flavour is creamy and mild. Oat milk is suitable for use in all kinds of cooking, hot drinks and on cereal. With varieties comparable to skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk, oat milk is able to meet as many dietary requirements as traditional cows’ milk.

The downside, however, is that oat milk is not yet as readily available as other forms of dairy free milk. Only the larger supermarkets carry a range of oat milks. For the more specialised varieties (ie the Barista variety from Oatly), it may be necessary to order online.

The price of oat milks can also vary significantly from 99p per litre up to £2.50 so it’s definitely worth shopping around for your oat fix.

When considering the nutritional content of oat milk for your young child (with your dietician or doctor), Oatly Barista is the most comparable dairy free milk in terms of its nutritional value. The thicker consistency affords more calories than other varieties of dairy free milk and Oatly Barista is fortified with vitamin D, riboflavin and B12. A word of caution though, it does contain an acidity regulator which doesn’t agree with the tummy of every child and none of the Oatly oat milks are gluten free.

And finally, for creamy latte drinking Mama’s- it’s got to be Oatly Barista all the way. The flavour and consistency is far superior to that of other dairy free milks in coffee and the latte milk foaming nozzle on your coffee maker need not be sent into exile with Oatly Barista!

So to summarise, delicious and versatile, oat milk will give other dairy free milks a run for their money. Still relatively new on the shelves, you will benefit from shopping around for your oat milk. To find the full range and best price, you might need to shop online.

For young children and coffee drinking Mama’s alike, Oatly Barista is the best substitute for the bovine booby juice (as long as gluten and acidity regulators aren’t a problem for you or your little dairy free adventurer!)

Xx Allergy Mama

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