Allergy Friendly Activities

Part 2- Around and About

By Marina and Her Allergic Explorers (with help from Allergy Mama)

Following my last post about Mother Baby/Toddler Groups and Soft Play Centres, I had planned to talk about Forest Schools and Messy Play. And I will.

But before I do, I’d like to go rogue. As that’s exactly how our day went today and it was beautiful. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the activities we can’t do, that we forget about all the ones we can.

For us, today, that was having little adventures in the great outdoors.

What started as:

“We need firewood! Let’s go for a walk and see if we find any!” Evolved into a small picnic, wandering in the woods and the discovery of a lovely, little lake.

Even if the bigger Allergic Adventurer hadn’t had the cheek to ask to borrow the boat (giant Mama facepalm and cringe as that one happened), it would still have been an unexpectedly awesome day!

For all my love of planning (don’t scoff- it’s a genuine new evolution of self brought about by allergy parenting), sometimes the best things happen when you head out with a picnic, an extremely vague plan and an open mind!

Have you tried and enjoyed much spontaneity since becoming an allergy parent? Or parent in general for that matter?!

Xx Allergy Mama, Nina and the Allergic Explorers

P.S We absolutely will talk about Forest School next!

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