Potty Training and Allergy Poops

So, I could literally start this post with a giant facepalm. If I’m honest, I haven’t exactly heard non-allergy parents raving about potty training either. Rueful stories of stealth poops in plant pots and behind televisions? Not exactly the exciting, fulfilling potty journey to which pregnant (and foolish) Allergy Mama looked forward. Now, I shake my head and snigger at the stock pregnancy photos of me holding potties and beaming like a demented moron in Mothercare. If you’d told me back then that not every child is excited about being praised for defecating on a special throne? Well, that would have blown my hormonal, little mind!

Allergy potty training? Possibly not that different to normal potty training? Just the status quo, with the added fun of surprise allergy poonamis (poop tsunamis that hit without any rashes or vomiting to give a warning). This special brand of allergy poop usually features heavy mucus and undigested food foam and seems to make an appearance exclusively on the nappy free trial days. When the toddling tush is in extremely close proximity to soft furnishings!

At first, this particular quirk of potty training an allergy baby had me feeling something comparable to despair. Discerning whether we’re dealing with stomach flu or a new allergy alone was enough to make me want to bury my head under something large. Then there was the issue of cleaning the house sufficiently to feel confident that the nasties living in the poonami weren’t setting up camp in my living room!

Allergy Mama’s top tips for potty training an allergy baby?

1. Hide all the cushions. Literally. Every last one. There’s nothing a poonami likes better than a cushion! And let’s face it, you won’t ever want to rest your face on one again after that particular wave has hit.

2. If you have carpet, consider investing in a wet and dry. Relatively inexpensive, this item will save you a fortune in carpet cleaning chemicals and sweat required for the upright model. And in our experience, will do a much better job of, well, wetting and drying!

3. Consider enzymatic cleaners or hibiscrub. While I’m not one for anti-bacterial/microbial/fungal anything’s as a general rule, I take a different stance as soon as large quantities of liquid stool start flooding my home! We have one for the hands and one for the water used to wash floor.

And when all else fails, remember that you’re not alone! Potty training isn’t the highlight of parenthood for any of us with or without allergy poonamis!

Xx Allergy Mama

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