Going Dairy Free- Which Milk?

Part 2- Coconut Milk

Choosing a suitable dairy alternative when breastfeeding or transitioning away from hypoallergenic formula, can feel like an ordeal. Fortunately, the range and quality of dairy free alternatives has dramatically improved in recent years. People living dairy free no longer have to feel like their quality of life is about to be flushed down the toilet.

When cow’s milk is not an option, the coconut milk manufactured by Koko is a good alternative. Naturally sweet and mild, the flavour is generally well tolerated by babies and toddlers. If you’re used to using skim milk in your tea and coffee, Koko will be a gentle transition.

Available in most big supermarkets, Koko can be bought in long life and fresh cartons. It’s generally more expensive than soya milk but a fantastic option for babies allergic to soya.

Koko dairy free alternative to milk While the nutritional composition is better than many other dairy free milk substitutes, Koko is still comparable to skimmed milk rather than whole. With this in mind, the calories lost for a baby or toddler when using Koko may need to be sourced elsewhere in their diet, under the supervision of a GP or dietician.

On the downside, you may be caught out by nutritionally inferior milks lurking in the supermarket aisles pretending to be an own brand version of Koko. They are not! This is especially relevant for FPIES babies who react to rice. Many of these imposter milks are bulked up with rice flour and aren’t a suitable alternative to cows milk for any child let alone a child with FPIES to rice.

And last but not least, if you like your coffee creamy, even the real Koko will be a whopping, great big slap in the face. The consistency is watery and will never make you a truly delicious latte when you’re in need.

So to summarise, the Koko brand coconut milk is a solid contender as a dairy free alternative milk for babies, toddlers and Mama’s who like their skimmed milk. The flavour is mild and neutral. It’s worth remembering that the little people will need extra calories in their diet when using this milk and there are, sadly, imposter coconut milks to watch out for in the shops. And even though a decent latte is nowhere to be found when Koko’s in town, it still receives a solid Allergy Mama score of 3.5/5.

Coming soon- Oat milk!

Xx Allergy Mama

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